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How to expel body’s internal dampness? Two methods to teach you.

How should the body expel internal dampness? In fact, the simplest and most effective method is exercise. During aerobic exercise, the cardiovascular and pulmonary functions improve, the body's entire circulatory system becomes vigorous, especially the microcirculation at the peripheral ends significantly improves, thereby promoting the expulsion of substances that the body cannot metabolize.

This process of expelling substances often occurs through the body's metabolic processes. In this metabolic process, the first point is balance. If there is dampness in your body, it will be eliminated. If your body does not have dampness, then the body is in a normal balanced state. Second, when your body has a deficiency of Yin fluids, this circulation can also replenish Yin fluids. The excess dampness will be expelled from the body, making it an intelligent balancing process. Third, exercise not only effectively expels so-called metabolic by-products such as dampness but, more importantly, it can mobilize the functions of various organs in the body, helping our internal organs achieve a new balance. However, we need to pay special attention.

If you are middle-aged or under 60, have a certain amount of regular exercise, and do not have any organic diseases affecting cardiovascular and pulmonary functions, you can achieve this through exercise. The younger you are, the more exercise you can engage in, and as you age, the exercise can relatively decrease. In any case, this kind of exercise will help you expel dampness from the body; it's a method of regulation.

If you are 60 years old or older or have some chronic diseases, and your body is relatively weak, in such cases, the peripheral blood circulation still cannot be relieved during exercise. After exercise, the body is not only fatigued but the limbs are still cold, and blood circulation has not improved significantly. At this time, we can use some special health tools, such as moxibustion. After lighting moxa sticks, we can fumigate the distant parts of our limbs. Generally, the hands are closer to the heart, so slight movement can relatively easily improve them. However, the distant lower limbs and feet are not so easily improved. Therefore, we recommend the elderly and those with weak constitutions to use moxibustion on the acupuncture points on the feet. One of the most important acupuncture points is the Yongquan涌泉 point on the sole, which can nourish kidney Yin and warm kidney Yang, making it excellent for improving blood circulation in the feet. Another point that can be moxibusted is Taichong太冲; moxibustion on both the top and bottom of the feet can quickly improve poor blood circulation in the soles.

In addition to moxibustion, you can also choose to soak your feet in hot water at night, and foot massage can also help alleviate this situation. In fact, the improvement of blood circulation is very helpful for compensating for the load on cardiovascular and pulmonary functions. It can also help alleviate the accumulation of metabolic by-products in the body due to weakened organ functions.


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