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What to do if you frequently have nightmares?

One characteristic of sleep disorders is having vivid dreams, which can be of different types, some of which are nightmares. We usually diagnose this as a deficiency in both the heart and gallbladder.

With regard to the heart, excessive worrying can be a major factor, so it is important to regulate your mental stress levels. Once you relax, the nightmares will disappear.

In relation to the gallbladder, its function is to store and release bile to help digest fats. If the timing or amount of bile release is irregular, it can affect the body's digestion, absorption, and metabolism, leading to nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. If you experience bitter taste in your mouth or nightmares, it is likely a problem with your gallbladder.

Therefore, we can help calm the mind and promote sleep by promoting gallbladder health. We can regulate it by massaging specific acupressure points or using scraping therapy, specifically by targeting the gallbladder meridian point, located on the outer side below the right knee. This point can help regulate the release of bile, clear dampness and heat from the gallbladder, and promote restful sleep without nightmares.


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